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How to cut costs and increase profits in 2022 (Energy Crisis)

Tue 6th Sep 2022

Blog / How to cut costs and increase profits in 2022 (Energy Crisis)

How to cut costs and increase profits in 2022 (Energy Crisis)

With the rise in utility bills and increase in inflation it is safe to say every business needs to find ways to cut costs and keep their profits up. This blog allows you to find ways you can save by creating a more efficient business model. 

Build a More productive team

A more productive team could save you thousands each year. By employing the right people or training your staff you could increase the output. There are many ways to help keep your team more productive: 

Keep them happy

Your team are also going to be finding it difficult during a cost of living crisis. They will be looking for any support they can get to make their lives easier. If you keep track of your teams mental health and also keep track of what they need and let them know support is available, you are going to make them feel a little more at ease in the workplace. Whether they work remotely or they are in an office there is always things you can do to support. 

Train them up 

Now piling a load of work on them is not going to increase the output of your team. If anything this will increase stress levels meaning unhappy staff. Ask your staff where they see themselves in the business, if they would like to take on more work and be trained in this. Increasing a team members skills is far more valuable than hiring more staff. 

Don't make work feel like work

Unfortunately the thought of going to work for many is a depressing thought. Well there are ways of making work less of a daunting thought. For example you can introduce incentives. Games, tournaments and challenges will keep your team occupied and more excited to work. Also you can add people hobbies and activities into their work life. Maybe a pool table. Introduce new chill out areas where people can relax during their breaks. A relaxed team is a more productive team. 


Bespoke Software Solutions

Invest in business management software

A CRM software solution or business management software solution could streamline your business tenfold. This allows your team to see everything from communications with clients, progress on sales, leads and jobs and a full overview of the business all in one application. Everyday your team will be able to log into your software and see exactly what they need to do for the day. They can reach out for help with the click of a button and they can always be in the know of where a job is. 

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Cut business costs 

Now the obvious thing to do is cut business costs. This can come with some hard decisions but there are ways to do this without needing to ruin someones day. 

Allow remote working 

Some people love to get out the house and socialise in a workplace. Others like to just put their headphones in and crack on with their work. By introducing remote working a few days a week, not only will this benefit the worklife balance for your staff but it will also allow your team and your business to save money. With the increase cost of living it is becoming more expensive to commute to work. Now you could argue it will cost your team more of their own pockets. Yes this is correct but some may be willing to do this to benefit from remote working. 

For the staff who do want to work from home this is saving you money without them being in the office. Also with the addition of a CRM software you could be making remote working so much easier. 

Reduce waste materials

Waste materials could cost you thousands each year. By reducing this you are able to save and reuse which is also increasing your carbon footprint. One way you can be sure you are wasting less is a Material Requirements Planning software (MRP). This allows you to analyse your waste and see where you can improve.

Analyse your marketing campaigns 

Your marketing costs could be reduced simply by knowing how campagns are performing. You need a complete overview of what is working and what isn't. A good example of marketing software is Hubspot, this allows you to manage your campaigns and really see where you are putting your money. Google ads campaigns also need to be reviewed so you can cut back on badly performing campaigns. 

Your website performance is also very important. Your SEO and Website Design should be reviewed and kept up to date to increase search rankings and performance on all devices. This may seem counter intuitive by investing in a new website design or finding resources to do the work but by keeping your business online and performing well you could be saving money on other marketing campaigns. 

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We can help your business cut costs and increase profits

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