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5 On Page SEO Tips to increase your search rankings

Sun 10th May 2020

Blog / 5 On Page SEO Tips to increase your search rankings

5 On Page SEO Tips to increase your search rankings

Your on page SEO is one of the most important factors to getting you better rankings online but have you optimized your web pages to ensure you are getting more traffic. This 5 step guide will help you increase traffic and conversions.

It is important that we are up to date with the latest updates from Google and other search engines as these are who will be ranking your website for better traffic.


Mobile Responsive

The majority of all web traffic comes from mobile these days so Google and other search engines want to give the users the best experience possible. Therefore if your website pages are not respsonsive and are not user friendly then this will affect your rankings negatively. To improve ensure your web design and layout is based on mobile users first and ensure that their experience on the site wont be affected.

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Page Speed

Another ranking factor which is huge when ranking your site is page speed. Does your webpages use oversized images? large videos? or just takes a long time to load? This is impacting your bounce rate, which is the time it takes for users to click off of your site. The lower the bounce rate the better.

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Meta tags

So firstly what are Meta tags? Meta tags tell the search engine various information. Such as Titles, Descriptions, keywords and so on. It is important these are the correct length and also use the correct keywords and details of your webpages. Below is an example of a google snippet where you will see how the Title and description affect how you show on the Google rankings. You can ask your developer to ensure they update these.

AJH Media Google Snippet


Content is king

Now there is a saying in the SEO world that content is king. Why? well search engines such as Google are always looking to give the users the best answer to their queries. Now if you have high quality content which is unique you have a better chance of improving your overall rankings.

If you have pages on your website that just do not have a lot of content then you may notice these will not perform as well as a page with a lot of content. This is because the more content the better without impacting the users experience. It is important to display the content in a user friendly way to ensure the users themselves don't just click off because there is too much to read and they are not getting the answer they are looking for.



Finally we have keywords, now these are important because you want to try and match users search queries as much as possible right? Well this is where your keywords will come into play. Ensuring you use the right amount of keywords is important. The aim is to add them where necessary and not overuse them as this will impact the users experience. Also you can use FREE online tools such as Ubsersuggest to help you see what keywords are most commonly used on your site and also find possible new keywords to add. Researching your competition would be advised to get an idea of what may work for you or where you can improve and surpass them in traffic.