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10 reasons to invest in business management software in 2020

Sun 3rd May 2020

Blog / 10 reasons to invest in business management software in 2020

10 reasons to invest in business management software in 2020

It is safe to say that in this day in age computers and technology are becoming more and more of a tool for many businesses. With the increased demand for remote working and a more efficient working environment, Business Management Software or a Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) are a huge part in keeping a business running more efficiently and securely.

Firstly let's understand what a Business Management Software is. It is exactly what it sounds like, it is a clever piece of software which helps manage your whole business process, from start to finish. Whethers thats tracking jobs from a lead to invoice or simply managing you customers. For more information on what kind of modules and functionality a CRM / BMS has click here

Here are 10 reasons why you need a Business m Management Software Solution (BMS)

Customer Management

Keeping your customers list in one secure place has it's benefits, you can easily maintain and track all communications as well as analyse your most profitable customers. Not only this but you can simply filter, export and visualize your marketing campaigns towards certain customers.


Staff Productivity

Keeping your staff working productively can be a struggle at the best of times. By simplifying their day to day job you can increase your staff productivity by up to 56%. How you may ask? Well by ensuring a much simpler process they are able to fit more into their working day. The Business Management Software is easy to use and no more guesswork or laziness as everything they need is right in front of them.


Be more cost effective

With Products, price lists and invoicing your are able to analyse your jobs costs and margins and ensure you are getting a better ROI every time. being aware of the costs of a job and the profits is vital to ensure your annual turnover is increasing.


Accurate pricing

By building your product list and price lists the software calculates the correct values every time. You are able to create accurate quotes and invoices in seconds.


Remote / home working

A Cloud based solution is run through a web browser which means you are able to access the software from anywhere that has an internet connection. Yes this includes other devices too so you can quickly access from your PC, Laptop, tablets and smartphones. This is the future and being able to work from home or on the go is quickly becoming the norm for most businesses.


Improve communication between teams

Sometimes contacting another department or team can be a nightmare. Well with all teams working on the same system, teams can simply see the status of jobs, any tasks set for them or others and also communicate with messages. Full business transparency can really improve the performance of your staff and colleagues.


Cut costs and outgoings

An All-in-one business management software does everything you need so you can get rid of these unnecessary subscriptions and packages each month. Also you can see exactly how well your team are performing therefore allowing you a clear view of your staffs value to the team and if they are pulling their weight. This also cuts the costs of training as the easy to use interface is straight forward reducing total training time for your new staff.


Customer Satisfaction

Keeping your customers happy is huge, well being able to track the progress of their jobs and see exactly where the team are at at any point in time can increase customer satisfaction greatly. Your customers like to know whats going on and with automatic updates and notifications you can ensure they are getting the best experience from your business.


Analyse Data

Analysing your data, whether thats monthly reports, yearly reports, your data is always stored on your database forever. You can track previous and this can help with your future forecasts or just getting overviews of how the company is progressing for your weekly scrum meetings.


No more spreadsheets

It's time to put an end to those pesky spreadsheets that take too long to fill out and are just piled up on your computers hard drive. A CRM is just a fancy system that does all your spreadsheets for you in minutes rather than hours.