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How do I know if my SEO Is working?

Fri 17th Feb 2023

Blog / How do I know if my SEO Is working?

How do I know if my SEO Is working?

It is safe to say SEO doesn't just happen over night, it is a long game. Sometimes you can get quick wins which can bring in more impressions more clicks and more sales. But overall hitting that top spot in Google search takes time. So how do you know if you SEO improvements are working? 

So how does it take for SEO to work?

You are best to look at your results over a longer period and it can take up to 6 months to start really seeing a difference. This is is because Google has to crawl your website periodically and also it has to do this for Millions of other sites. Not only this they have a very complex algorithm which helps people find what they are looking for. This means pages you have optimised and Blog posts you may have added wont see results until 6 months after. Frustrating when you want to bring in more traffic now. 

Google tends to reward older, more established websites in their search engine results. This is why Here at AJH Media we preach about being consistent with your SEO strategy and constantly improving on it. Google will keep pushing your website content higher if it sees you as a more established website with valuable content. This obviously depends if your content, keywords and pages are optimised to match the searches. I know sounds like a lot of hard work doesn't it. 


How Do You Measure SEO Performance?

Analysing your SEO performance can be daunting but there are so many options available. Alot of people with preach about Google analytics but if you do not know how to use it then this can be a very difficult process to understand. There are other tools available which will Help you get the data and information you need without needing a full course. 

Well what do we recommend? Well a lot of people do not know about Google Search Console. This is a tool used to analyse your Impressions, Clicks and Rankings for Pages, Keywords and other interesting factors. You can also validate pages ensuring that they are within your websites sitemap and that they are being crawled by google. This can help you get up the rankings a little quicker. 


How do I find out how many impressions my website is getting? 

So Firstly what are Impressions? Impressions are simply how many times your website has appeared in somebodies search results. Google Search Console is perfect for seing how many impressions you are getting. Head over to the performance tab to see how well your impressions are doing. The charts will give you a good overview of where you are improving and where you are not. 

You can calso compare your results to previous time periods to see if you are trending upwards. 


What Keywords Is Your Website Ranking For?

So you may want a load of traffic but you also want these to convert into leads, sales or customers in some form. This is where you need to target keywords for your business. For example here at AJH Media we offer services in Web Design, Branding, SEO and Software Development. This means we need to find keywords with high impressions which are relevant to what we offer. We do not want people to find our website searching for anything other than these terms or services. 

Google Search Console allows you to see which organic keywords people are seeing your website. Just navigate to your Performance tab and click on the Queries tab below the charts. This will give you an overview of the keywords you naturally rank for. If you are not seeing anything for your main keywords then you either have to wait longer for better results or you have some work to do. 


Let us help your business improve your SEO Strategy

Here at AJH Media we have over a decade of SEO and Web Design experience. We can help you reach your full potential when it comes to getting more traffic and increasing you profits. Get in touch today and let's discuss your project.