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How to boost your conversion rates on your website?

Tue 24th Nov 2020

Blog / How to boost your conversion rates on your website?

How to boost your conversion rates on your website?

So you have a website but nobody is contacting you or you are not making any leads or sales? Well in this blog post we will learn the best ways to increase your conversion rates and get more sales and leads online.


1. Call to Actions (CTA's)

Call to actions are one of the most important parts to your website. They tell the user where to click to complete certain actions. You need to ensure these stand out from the rest of the page. Make them clear, bold and colourful. Also it is important to use the correct wording when creating call to actions.

Here is a list of words which help you get better conversions:

  1. Get a demo
  2. Contact Us
  3. Free Trial
  4. Learn More
  5. Join Free
  6. Shop Now

The list is endless but you need to make sure you are consistent with these across the site and make less important CTA's less intrusive to the more Important. For Example Learn More could be in a lighter shade whereas the Contact Us could be bright and bold to stand out more.

AJH Media Landing Page


2. Clear, to the point headings

Your visitors want to know exactly what you do as soon as they enter your site. By making sure your headers and images at the top of your pages say exactly what the page is about whilst also being encouraging with your wording. As you can see from our website above we explain that this page is about "Responsive Website Design to grow your business online". Then as they scroll down you learn more and more.


3. Navigation

You need to narrow your navigation down to ensure you are only showing the most important pages. Later on, you can use CTA's to other pages or use dropdowns for sections with a lot of sub-pages. Overall, you need to make it very easy for users to come to your site and access the important information that they need. Playing around with this and working with a designer could help increase conversions substantially.


4. Speed Optimization

When visitors come to your website, they have a few seconds before they decide to stay or leave. Now if your website is slow to load you are increasing the chances for the user to click off, as humans, we are a very impatient bunch. Now by making sure you are speeding up your pages and running speed test audits monthly you can increase your bounce rate and in turn bring in more sales. Learn More

AJH Media testimonials


5. Testimonials and social proof

Visitors want to know they can trust you; this is why it is so important to gather the best reviews, testimonials and case studies off of your clients and customers. Once you have built these up you want to display these on your website. Let your customers know why they should purchase your product, use your services or buy from your shop.


6. The how and the why

So, your website is explaining to your users what you do, sell or offer. But now they need to how you do this and why they need your product or service? Use this for inspiration and add sections to your landing pages to explain these. For example, we offer Web design and software services, so we would explain how this is going to improve your business and also why you need it. This can be some pain points that the business is facing such as Quoting takes too long or We need to track leads.


7. Mobile Responsive Design

Did you know that mobile now leads with 51% of all website traffic coming from a mobile device? This is why it is so important to design your website with other devices in mind. This is where responsive web design comes into play. You need to make sure that your website responds to different screen sizes and your users get a super-fast, and user friendly version when they visit.


8. Measure Google Analytics

Are you frequently tracking your analytics and analysing your website? Well you should be, Google analytics is a very powerful tool and overtime you can learn a lot about how your visitors are using your website. You can make sure the work you are putting in to improving your website is actually working and make sure you are gradually increasing in visitors and also bringing the bounce rate of your site.



Overall web design is trial and error. Whilst adopting the above tactics, overtime, you will start to see your click through rate improve and more sales or leads, depending on your goal.

If you are interested in getting some help with your website and would like a FREE website audit get in touch with us and we can help you.