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Animated videos to promote your business online

Sell your business with a 1 minute sales video animated to show off what you do. Animated explainer videos can increase conversions by more than 50%.

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Why should I use sales videos?

Video is known to be the best form of content when you are trying to engage an audience. Your customers do not like to read lots of text so putting your information into a short snappy sales video can transform your business. Just explaining what you do and showing it in a visual format can increase business growth substanstially.

  Beat the competition

  Increases bounce rates

  Can be posted on socials and used on your website

  Increases credibility

  Short, snappy and to the point

A video we created for one of our clients at LullaBaby to advertise their classes

A video we created for one of our clients at LullaBaby to advertise their Franchisee oportunity

I am so happy with the videos AJH Media created for us to help advertise our classes and Franchisee oportunities. Highly Recommend and very quick turnaround.

Joanne - LullaBaby Founder

How does it work?

We do all the hard work for you. Once we have had a chat about your business goals and vision we then get to work.

Bespoke Web Design
Script & Voiceover

We create a script based around your business selling points and then create a voiceover for your video.

On Page SEO

We then create a storyboard and design the graphics that will be animated.

Resonsive Web Design
Animation & Editing

In this stage we start to animate and edit your video. This is where your video comes to life.

Google Analytics
Final touches

Final touches consists of minor adjustments as well as adding some Sound FX and music. This really adds to the final video.

Transform your business today

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