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From Ebay shop to custom Ecommerce Website

How we helped Zuerst sell from their own website

Lee came to us because he wanted to have more control over his own shop. He had been using Ebay for many years and needed a more bespoke solution. We created a full custom Ecommerce website which allows him to manage his own finances, products and orders. This gives him more flexibility and more of a premium branded site rather than using Ebay.

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5 Star Google Review
AJH Media 5 Star Review

"Our new website is perfect, we can manage our whole business process as well as give customers a more premium website to go to rather than using just Ebay."


Owner | Zuerst

Zuerst Tools website design

Bespoke Sales Management Software

Not only did we design a stunning website, we realised that to run the business more efficiently Lee needed a portal to manage products, orders and Finances. With this bespoke sales management software Lee can take full control over his whole business and is able to see exactly how the business is doing without any fees from third-party websites.

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