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How to generate more leads and win in 2022

Tue 5th Apr 2022

How to generate more leads and win in 2022

Blog / How to generate more leads and win in 2022

Business is on the up in 2022, so it is vital that you are optimising your business to generate more leads and bring in more sales. Here is our key tips to help you and your business succeed online.


Optimize your web pages for conversions

Is your website not performing too well? Well this could be due to many reasons which can easily be fixed. In 2022 your website and social media platforms are one of the most important factors to succeeding online. You need to ensure your website is up to date, fast and engaging. 

Another important factor to think about is SEO. Your web pages need to be optimised for the search rankings. Sometimes this can be a hard job so hiring somebody to check your websites SEO help you to generate leads. 

The attention span of your customers is something to think about too. We only have about 30 seconds before people tend to make a decision so ensuring the layout, images, videos and graphics to your website are all engaging and exciting. The last thing anybody wants is to read a load of text. 

Let us do the hard work for you. Get in touch today for a free website review.


Engage with your customers and answer all of their questions quickly 

When a customer has a query they want answers right away. Making sure you get back to them quickly could increase your chances of winning more leads. You can also set up automated messages on your social media pages which could give the customer an idea of when you will be in touch. 

On you social post comments and reviews online, it is important to engage and reply with the customers. Even if you receive a bad review respond with a very polite message with how you can help them out or resolve their issue. This will help ease the bad review when seen by future leads. They will see that you are willing to resolve and issues and will have more trust in your business. 


Bespoke Software Solutions

Invest in a CRM software or Business Management Software

If you are looking to build a better relationship with your customers then you need to make sure you have the technology to manage them more efficiently. With a CRM software or Business management software you can Manage your customers all in one place with the ability to see all communications, any changes to their account and also follow the progress of you leads. 

This can be used across your whole team and increase your productivity by up to 60%. You can visualise everything you need to and make sure your teams are managing the leads and turning them into sales. 

We offer bespoke CRM & Business Management Software solutions. For a Free Demo get in touch today. 


Learn from your lost leads

It is vital you are taking information from your customers even when they do not choose to use your business. Ask simple questions such as: Why was AJH Media not a good fit for your business? or What was the reason for choosing our competitors over us?

Collecting this information and storing this in your CRM software can allow you to analyse why your losing leads and then you can act on these. Whether this is pricing, lack of services or that your competitors just has better reviews,  you can take this and build better for the future. 


Pay close attention to your competitors

Spending some time each week to analyse your competitors could be a game changer for your business. Find out what they are doing on their website and on their social media pages. Understand what they are working on and what they are offering. This could be new deals and offers, new upcoming features or products or they made be working on their content and visuals. 

This can help you stay in the competitive race and not get left behind. You need to constantly be looking to improve and beat your competition. This could be the difference between success and failure. 

If you would like us to review your website and social media and take a detailed look into how you can improve your business compared to your competitors, simply get in touch today.


Create engaging sales videos

Videos are the best way to engage your audience. They are the most consumed source of media today, so investing in some creative videos to advertise your products could set you apart and generate a huge amount of leads. 

Sales Videos

By Creating a simple advert to display your product and posting it on social media could help customers understand your business better and also buy more. Online video is the most consumed form on content and will be seen by more than a simple image or text based post. It is a good investment and can generate double the amount of leads if done correctly. 

Sales videos could also use an animated style of graphics. These can be very engaging and no need for cameras, just an animator and editor. 

You can find online tutorials how to create videos simply from your smartphone or tablet and edit these on the go. Or if you wanted an even more professional format you can hire us to help you as we offer services in video production simply get in touch today.

Tik Tok

You may think that Tik Tok is for kids? Well that is where you are wrong. Tik Toks algorithm is astounding and businesses are using it to generate leads by the thousands. All you need to do is come up with some create 10 seconds clips to show your product and it could be seen by thousands. If you keep this up with the uploads each day you will be really setting yourself up for success. 


YouTube is the best video platform out there and offers huge potential when trying to show off your products. People can build up a following, known as subscribers and build an audience that come back to watch your content. Posting vlogs could engage your audience and allow them to understand the behind the scenes of your brand and get a personal insight into what you do. A good example of this is Gymshark. They post on their youtube channel consistently with helpful and interesting business based videos. 

They have grown their audience to over 348k subscribers. Now even if this generated 1% of leads or sales, that comes to 3480 sales. That is a lot for simply posting a fun video each week. 


Offer Giveaways, Free Downloadable content and competitions

Everyone loves to win or get free stuff. Offering your customers free products and asking them to simply like, share and comment on your posts can push your social media pages to a huge audience. Get people involved and show the winner at the end. This builds trust and is a great way to show you are genuine. 

Free downloads on your website are also a great way to bring in leads. Make your customers fill in a contact form to download the content so you can keep track of the lead and also offer useful content. Such as documents, courses, templates, newsletters and online calculators. The more useful the content you offer the more leads you can generate. 


Quality over quantity

Now we all love to see a lot of leads when we turn our computers on, but are these leads going to turn into sales ? Well this depends how well you have optimised your business to do so. Are your customers getting what they came looking for ? Are they genuinely interested in your products? 

Focusing on your target audience and not being too broad is the best way to go. This will narrow down to a smaller number of leads but these leads are going to be more likely to convert. It is best to have 100 Leads that convert than 1,000 that do not. 

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